The Sportlens



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Besides its futuristic look, this unisex Visor is a real performance accessoire.

Perfect for outdoor activities like sports or festivals, you will feel protected and at ease, whilst at the same time elevated by its beautfiul light.

Protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV)
solar radiation:
- Blocks 100% of UVB rays
- Blocks 99.9% of UVA rays

- Stays on your head while you're active

- 180° unobstructed peripheral vision

- Fits over glasses

- Eliminates irritation from wind and allergens

- Beautiful light through polarised lens

- Flexible Wrap-Around System

- Computer simulated ventilation system

- Ultra-lightweight, ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable

- Floats in water

Use your Sportlens for all your outdoor activities where sun and wind are a challenge

One-year warranty / Quality made in Germany

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