Covid Mask



By popular demand and pressing necessity, here is our face mask.

But as usual, this is not your usual Corona protection. This is made, so you can be active outside while wearing it. Like, uhm, protesting or doing sports.

Heat Stop:
Made of our Vampireblack® fabric, so you can wear a black mask in summer without sweating as much

Optimised Breathability: Micro Mesh for more air when on the move

Stays dry:
Hydrophilic membrane transport moisture to outside

Particle Filter: Acts as a barrier while in situations where social distancing is not always possible. Mask is not N-95 certifed

Secure Fit: Carbon tube adjuster holds tight and prevents irritated ears. 

Washing instruction:
The fabric is washable and generally suitable for machine washing.
However, the hydrophobic properties of the membrane are removed
by a washing process, so the fabric loses this property and is then just
as permeable as a normal cotton or polyester fabric. We recommend
not washing the fabric, but to disinfect with 
heat (put in the hot sun or in the oven at between 55 and 70°C).

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