Viperblack T-Shirt - Female - Mesh Inserts

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ben-jensen "This is a really nice, very black result." - Ben Jensen, Creator of Vantablack
Praun "The perfect shirt for all lovers of the color black." - Sandra Praun, Author of 'You say light, I think Shadow'

Viperblack T-Shirt - Female - Mesh Inserts

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// We are discontinuing this style. If you are lucky and your size is available, you can have your shirt with a sweet 40% discount. //

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Our quest to create the blackest fabric in existence started when we first saw this meme.

Researching the topic, we then found the Gaboon Viper uses ultrablack scales to hide herself form from prey.

So we decided to reverse engineer this surface and finance the process through crowdfunding.

Subsequent press coverage reached millions of people leading to our Kickstarter being successful with more than 3x our goal.

It then took nearly three years and six different factories until we were finally convinced by the result.

65% PA / 31% PC / 4% EL

Join the very dark side!

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