Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

"The strongest show was the one that I had been anticipating the whole day.
Phoebe Heess, German designer who works for Stella McCartney’s line at adidas explored the many shades of black.

The show was preceded by the video of hands playing with geometric figures, and following the motive the pieces that appeared on the runway had clear outlines and graphic forms.

Bulging shoulders reminded of sci-fi outfits, robot silhouettes or futuristic spaceships costumes. Models were emerging from the front as well as the back of the runway – rapidly moving figures in streamlined semi-sporty clothes.

Phoebe created outfits for star warriors: oversized sweaters looking like black armors or light, ethereal coats and jackets as though Middle Ages were transformed into the distant future. The collection was powerful."


2french magazine


André C. Hercher
Michael Wittig
Olga Khristolyubova -
(Please let us know in case we forgot a photographer)



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