We made an app!

Even though the Viperblack project took longer then planned to materialise, it was always a pleasure to interact with our customers. 

That's why we created an app with a light meter to compare the blackness around you and a small message board, where we can discuss new projects and generally cool stuff.


Head this way to check it out. See you on the dark side!


Measuring the blackest materials against our Viperblack fabric

Vampireblack Video

Here is the video to our latest crazy idea. Enjoy!

What makes us a futuristic fashion brand?

 Yes, our look is very futuristic. But there's more to it.

See our Co-Founder Gabriel give a speech at one of Europe's biggest tech summits, outlining how the internet will transform the fashion business and he we plan to work together with the most interesting creators out there.

If that sounds like you, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Viperblack Status Update

We are knee deep in finding the best solution for the blackest color possible. Here is a video of our weekend trip to Switzerland, having a look at the latest prototypes.

Viperblack - the first blacker than black t-shirt

We are really doing it - we are creating the world's first blacker than black t-shirt, made possible by a snake.

This was our first crowdfunding (3x funded, yay!) and it's really exciting to see the project come to live.

Get over to Kickstarter to get the whole story. Or have a look at the reddit AMA we gave.

Phoebe Heess - Dark Matter - FW15 - Full Show Video

Video teaser for our new collection!

"Colours is for people who can't design" - WIRED Interview

Who would have thought that our first lengthy mainstream feature would be in the tech bible, WIRED?
We just love going new ways!

This very much explains our take on fashion and how we predict it to develop in the future.

Article is in German, but Google translate got pretty accurate in the meantime( just click on the pic).

Healthgoth pickup

We are beeing featured by this planet's hottest fashion blog, Health Goth!!!