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about us

made in germany.
high fashion quality.
fair wages.
ecological responsible.

Exhibition at ADIDAS Headquarter

Phoebe Heess is a hi-tech fashion lab working with innovative materials and wearables.

Think James Bond’s Q, but for all black sportswear.

You might have read about us developing the blackest t-shirt in the world.


Now, with the emergence of Web3, we are evolving into a collaboratively coordinated and governed entity that explores the new possibilities of digital x physical fashion.

Fields of interest include the convergence of fashion with on-chain art mechanisms, generative art to on-demand fashion pipelines, items that interact inside and hack metaverses and the combination of web3 with irl.

All of these initiatives will be undertaken under a composable storytelling umbrella and under cc0 license(except brand name) where other projects are invited to connect to leverage network effects.

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